Thursday, 14 May 2015

       You have been studying the articles since long time that girls should be treated equal to boys and they should be provided with the equal educational and career opportunity as that of boys by their parents. But no one has ever tried to see the other side of the coin.
     In the ancient days girls were not advised to pursue study, on the other hand to be well versed in household activities was considered more important rather than being good in studies. Whether they are studying or not or how much seriously they are taking their studies nobody bothers, if they are good in studies then Ok if not then it is still ok, whereas to be not good in home chores was the thing that cannot be tolerated. They have been allowed to pass matriculation or at the max graduation just to fulfill the criteria of getting a more educated groom. Their total upbringing was like this so as their mindset, but nowadays girls education are also being taken seriously by their parents. How they are performing in studies is also considered, they have been provided by all the aids like tuitions, coaching etc that help them to perform better in studies that would initially been provided to boys only. Nowadays girls dream to become doctor, engineer, scientist, astronaut, pilot …why..Because their mindset got changed due to the change in their upbringing.
      This is the actual cause of the problem. After facing all the challenges of today’s educational competitive environment suppose a girl has achieved what she wants. But does to perform her duties is as easy for her as would be for a man. The answer is No, why…just think.........
Can she work alone for some late hours at her workplace to complete her assignments?
Even if she working alone, is it safe for her to travel alone from her workplace to home?
     Can she travel alone to some other place to attend presentation, conferences, seminars etc, if she has to travel she cannot take late night buses, trains, flights, what if she will not get booked accommodation, how she’ll travel alone with taxi driver, will my family members allow me to travel, or if I’ll go they will be worried, all this bring additional tension and hassle for her, which would not have been for boys. The result is rejection of some excellent career opportunities by her just because of these so-called girls’ specific issues. Now, what their boss will think…she is not as efficient as a boy would have been in her place, so he’ll always be looking for her replacement, and eventually when things become more critical for her especially at the time of her conception or when her baby is small (another girl specific issue), she is totally being replaced by a so called suitable or more efficient person. No one bothers how much dedicated, sincere, hard working she was, or she is not doing this intentionally. Can you think of mental state of her that despite being performed diligently, irrespective of all her compromises being made, she is now being treated as a useless object?
      What happens at the family front, are the things smooth there?? They have their own expectations from her. In families a man is considered as bread winner, so he is the one who needs to perform. A lady works simply because either this is just her hobby or so that she can be source of some additional income for family. Any career-oriented decision taken by her at the expense of family priorities cannot be tolerated. The first priority of Indian girl would always be her family and despite of her tremendous effort she always listens that she could have been a better mother, a better  daughter-in-law even a better wife, if she would not have been working. Can mere the fact of being self-employed deteriorates the tenderness of heart of a lady, her motherhood? Now think the mental state of her that despite of tremendous effort to maintain balance between her career and family life, she never been able to satisfy anybody.
      Her dreams, ambitions which are fed into her mind at the time of her upbringing are no longer valid. Then what is the benefit of giving education to her. Even if the parents treat their daughter equal which nowadays most of them do, are they being treated equally by society??When nature itself discriminates with girls, then how can you expect others not to do?? That’s why I believe, ancient days were better for girls where they were brought up in the manner, that they do not have any dream, so if they are not able to achieve it, it doesn’t bother to them, but what’s happening nowadays, we are giving them wings to fly, and when they learnt or want to fly we are crushing their wings which is more painful for her to handle.  

     Girls if supported can be an excellent employee for their employer and at the same can be a good mother and wife too without any doubt. The only thing they expect is the support at crucial time of their life, this support can motivate them to perform even better despite of all odds. So support your wife, mother, colleague, sub-ordinate and see the brightness in her eyes and correspondingly the results………….. 


  1. Your idea is half right because it seems you wrote this in anger. Had ypu written this in harmony, it wohks have hit vang on target. But i liked the way you picked the truth in its raw form... Keep posting, you have a reader now.

  2. First and foremost this so called male supremacy has always been a part of the western culture.This has nothing to do with our culture which has been a female centred culture from the very beginning.
    In these "golden-olden days" each family had 10-11 children. You do realise what that means right. If you were born during that era, half of your life would have been spent producing the next generation. I don't know you personally but i'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to be pregnant for half of your life either. If you were born during those days you would be complaining that what can i do if i can't leave the house for 9 months in a year and that would still be a valid argument. But now that women has finally been given an equal opportunity in every field she can be financially free and thus decide her own fate. Don't you think this is a far better scenario. Instead of being treated like an object women are getting treated like an equal. There is always going to be something to complain about, but we are not living in a utopian society, so better stop complaining, learn Yoga and take action. Here this a good place to start: